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Are you tired of your long commute to work every day?
Do you want to have more time with your loved ones?
Do you want a flexible work schedule that gives you more freedom?
Do you prefer working in peace alone without the typical office distractions?
Do you finally want to make your dreams come true and work on your own terms?

If you tick any of the above questions (or all of them), it’s about time to do something about it.

On Make Dollars Work you will find plenty of ideas how you can make money from home or, in fact, anywhere in this world. You will also learn how you can work on your own terms, schedule your own hours, and workload.

I thoroughly believe that almost everyone is being able to work remotely and being location-independent.

People Behind Make Dollars Work

My name is Denise and my remote work story begun about 10 years ago when I started a job as a project management consultant.

I’ve never been the biggest fan of wearing business formal and being locked away in an office 12 hours a day. Being a bit of an introvert, too, I naturally enjoyed my weekly home office Fridays the most. I realized how my productivity increased on those days – so did my happiness.

After 2,5 years into this, I knew that this one-day-a-week-happiness wasn’t enough. I wanted more of it. The consequence? I quit!

I started working as a freelancer, did proofreading, translation and content writing jobs. I worked as an editor, moderator and virtual assistant. I started my first blog in 2016 and learned how to monetize it.

Today, I’m a full-time blogger and content writer. I absolutely love my job. I love working from home (or working while traveling!). And I love the freedom that comes with it.

Denise Make Dollars Work

I know that many others would enjoy this lifestyle, too. That’s why I’m trying my best to help you reach your goal of an (location-)independent life and support you a bit along the way!

Since some have asked: I have a Bachelor’s degree in International Management and a Master’s degree in Business Administration, both with a special focus on Innovation & Finance. While this type of education surely helped me with my career, I’m convinced that you can 100% make it without that type of background.

Authors & Contributors

I’m lucky to have a great team of freelance writers who are supporting Make Dollars Work with their knowledge. All of them have years of experience in their fields of expertise. May it be blogging, dropshipping, making money from home as a freelancer, remote employee or finding ways to create passive income.

You can be sure they always give you the best tips and advice on how you can start working from home and make the remote work life work for you, too.

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