120+ Companies That Offer Part Time & Full Time Remote Jobs

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The popularity of remote work is quickly growing. There are now more options available for those interested in remote jobs than ever before. People can start work as a side hustle or can build a career out of working from home. No matter the case, there are numerous companies that give you access to both part time and full time remote jobs.

Keep in mind that there are also frauds that try to take advantage of those that do not know much about remote work. You want to trust just the opportunities presented by reputable companies if you want to find great jobs.


Accounting Jobs

Pin: Remote Companies for Remote JobsNowadays, accounting is much more digitalized than in the past. This means that you can get the work done from home for most companies. When you have a suitable booking background, like formal experience or training, a really decent income can be made through a remote accountant job. You can check out the following companies for remote accounting jobs:

Cash Back Jobs

This is not actually a remote work opportunity but it is a way to make some extra cash by doing some things you already do. For instance, if you buy products from the really popular stores through a link on the websites/apps below, bonus points are received. These bonus points are redeemable in gift cards or cash.

Customer Service Jobs

Numerous such jobs exist. In most cases, they are based on call center opportunities. However, some do offer remote positions so you do not have to go to a physical call center. Work can be done from home. There are positions that are seasonal and positions that require specific knowledge or experience. Some companies that offer legit customer service remote jobs are:

Some of the customer service jobs that are available are more niched. An example of this is given in travel customer service remote opportunities. Agents usually have travel backgrounds and you can find such jobs on:

Most of the companies already mentioned give you access to customer service jobs that rely on phone calls. There are also others that allow you to respond to chat requests and customer emails. If you do not want to work on a phone or cannot do this due to time zone constraints, some extra companies to check out include:

Data Entry Jobs

When it comes to working from home, data entry jobs are among the most common. This is due to the fact that you do not need experience in order to get the work done. You just need to be fast, focused and detail-oriented.

The problem with these jobs is that payment is usually low. However, if you do this for a longer time, you get faster and better. This means you get access to higher hourly rates.

Freelance Content Writer

This is a really popular remote work opportunity at the moment. As a freelance content writer you can build a real career. Just be sure that you become an expert in a niche so that you can get better paid jobs in the future. Also, read online guides that teach you how to be a better freelance writer if you are a beginner. Then, consider the following sites to look for freelance writing jobs.

Moderation Jobs

You surely saw that there are blogs and online forums that moderate comments from users. This includes deleting comments that are inappropriate, archiving threads that are inactive and blocking spam, among other things.

An online moderator guarantees the fact that users stick to rules. In the event that you are highly detail-oriented and are fluent in a language, applying for moderation jobs is a great idea. There are many available here:

Product Testing Jobs

This is a great opportunity for those looking for extra cash. There are companies that send products to people and pay them to write about them or just review them. You can get a small amount, like $5 for a review or can end up being paid over $100. While you do not get rich as you do product testing, you get a good side income and get to test new products. Try the following sites:

Sales Jobs

These are not for all people but if you believe that you can successfully sell services or products to people, look for the opportunities that are now available with the following companies.

Search Engine Evaluation Jobs

The reason why you most likely did not hear about this remote work opportunity is that there are not so many positions that are now open. However, these positions do exist. The goal is to offer feedback so that the developers behind the search engines learn about the quality associated with the search system offered. The developers can then make improvements. Some jobs are available at:

Reselling/Selling Jobs

This type of job is really simple. Maybe there is a lot of stuff present in the home that is no longer needed. If this is the case, you can always sell items online for some extra cash. It is also possible to buy products so you could resell them as you make a profit.

Another available option is dropshipping. After selling a product, you order it from a manufacturer or retailer to then get items shipped to the customer. You thus get rid of logistic problems. Products can be sold on:

Survey Jobs

Most people do not know much about making money with surveys and think that this is impossible. The truth is that you can actually make a lot of money with surveys. You cannot really get rich but you do get a lot of pocket money every single month.

The problem with survey jobs is that there are numerous scams out there. You need to thus just visit the sites that you can trust, like:

Translation Jobs

Those that are really good with languages can get good remote jobs through freelance translator jobs. You can work for numerous agencies or clients. This opportunity is very easy to do at home.

Transcription Jobs

These are quite popular for those looking for remote jobs. In most cases, there is no need to use specific devices and you do not need experience. You just have to listen to some audio files and then transcribe all the audio into text.

What is needed with these jobs is having typing and hearing skills. This allows you to make a good income but only if you are fast enough. The payment is usually done based on audio minute. If you are slow, you make less. Look for transcription jobs here:

If you are really good at transcription jobs and you have medical experience, you can go for something better in medical transcription and coding. In this case you need formal training and experience in order to be able to transcribe the technical terms, like audio notes from a doctor. Such jobs are available at:

Teaching/Tutoring Jobs

This is a fantastic job opportunity if you are looking for online work. Teaching sessions can be done through video calls with apps like Skype. Those that are really experienced or that have knowledge that is in demand can find numerous job options. Examples of companies that offer such jobs include:

Virtual Assistance Jobs

Virtual assistance jobs stand out as among the most popular of all remote jobs. A virtual assistant can do various tasks, from booking a flight to admin tasks. There are even more specific work opportunities that require advanced knowledge like WordPress administrator or Pinterest management. Some skills and experience might be needed but this is not the case with all available positions. If you would like to do some virtual assistant work, here are some sites to check out:

App/Website Testing Jobs

This does sound technical but even those that do not have technical knowledge can do the work. It is a wonderful remote opportunity. Various companies will pay you to just click through their apps and websites so that bugs can be found. The information they get is used to improve apps, sites and even gadgets. Examples of where you can find such jobs include:

Freelance Platforms To Find Remote Work

If you cannot find what you want on the sites mentioned above, there is always the option of going on freelancer platforms. This is where countless jobs are available and you can bid on those that you can do. Some wonderful examples of freelance platforms to consider include:

How to find remote jobs

Are You Ready For A Remote Job?

You do not have to look at every single company that was listed above. It is important to pick those jobs that are interesting for you and you need to check out the deals that are available. When you are not 100% sure, just try and see if you are comfortable with the company you chose. Try to find opportunities for growth and work towards building a suitable desired income.

It is not important if you want part time remote jobs or full time remote jobs. These are available and there are options available to fit any schedule.

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