10 Entry-Level Remote Jobs You Can Easily Do From Home

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Remote jobs are getting more and more popular. They allow you to work from home or literally anywhere in the world. A great way of working for everyone who likes to stay flexible.

Many people would love to telecommute. However, they often hesitate because they don’t have any experience or special skills you need to have for many of the popular jobs, like web development.

Luckily, there are also quite a few entry-level remote jobs that are perfect for career changers. Check out the following awesome work-from-home jobs and see if there is the right one for you, too.

What Are Entry-Level Work-From-Home Jobs?

Entry-level jobs are perfect for young professionals or career changers. They don’t require you to have too much experience or certain skills. Often they will teach you as you go.

The downside is, that they usually don’t pay too well. But you have to start somewhere, right? So they are a great way to gain more experience and qualifications.

And work-from-home jobs or remote jobs are the ones that can be done online. You don’t have to go to an office. All you need is a computer and a good internet connection and off you go.

Remote Jobs for Beginners

Ready to pick a new career? Check out these great jobs:

1. Customer Service

Many customer service positions require you to work from a call center. But there are more and more agencies and companies that allow you to work from home. You will talk to customers on the phone, send emails or use live chats. So even if you hate calling people (because you are shy or have noisy kids in the background), you can find open positions that are based on email or chats only.

Some jobs might require you to have knowledge in certain areas, for example, technical support positions. But there are just as many that will teach you everything you need to know, with no pre-existing skills required.

The only thing that you should bring is a friendly, patient, problem-solving, and accommodating attitude. You have to stay calm even when you deal with upset customers.

If that’s the right job for you, check out the following companies:

2. Social Media Manager

Although professional social media management is not as easy as it sounds and definitely needs someone in charge who has quite a bit of experience with it, there are some positions that qualify for beginners.

For example, tasks like answering messages or comments, scheduling posts, or researching and sharing interesting content are things that even a newbie can do with a few instructions.

Those things are fairly easy but time-consuming. That’s why companies and startups love to delegate them.

Good pages to look for (freelancing) social media management positions are:

3. Content Writer

Content writing is a super popular entry-level work-from-home job. There are many open job positions out there, and many of them are suitable for newbie writers, too.

When I started out as a content writer I worked for a radio station and wrote about new music releases, music videos, or celebrity gossip. Really a job that almost everyone could have done.

In the long run, I recommend you pick a niche and become an expert in that. While this will limit the number of potential jobs, you are able to sell your service at a higher price level.

Check out the following websites if you are looking for open content writing jobs:

Want to learn how to become a freelance content writer? Check out the linked guide with everything you need to know!

4. Language Teacher

Are you fluent in a second language? If so, you could start out as a language teacher or translator. You will often teach in 1-on-1 meetings via Skype and get to choose your students yourself.

Many language learning platforms don’t require you to have any experience in teaching. Either they will provide you with class material to teach or you make a plan customized to your student’s needs.

As usual, if you have any experience or a teaching certificate, your chances of getting accepted or finding students improve. Your potential earning are also not too bad. Expect to make about 15-20 USD per hour.

Have a look at the following language learning platforms to see if you qualify:

Work from home jobs for beginners

5. Virtual Assistance

Virtual assistance is a great job field for remote work beginners. First of all, the demand is super high at the moment, which means many job opportunities for you.

Second, it often doesn’t require any former experience or knowledge. Tasks like online research, flight or hotel bookings, calendar management, or admin jobs are perfect for beginners. You need to be a very organized person, willing to learn new things, and be a problem-solver.

Some clients or employers also need their assistants to do more specific tasks, such as accounting, sales, or social media. If you have knowledge in these areas, great! If not, don’t worry. Go for a general position.

There are some agencies out there, that are constantly looking for new virtual assistants. You might not earn as much as if you contacted a client directly but it can still be an easy entry-level opportunity:


6. Pinterest Manager

Pinterest is a fantastic tool to drive visitors to websites or blogs and requires only a few investments. That’s why the visual search engine gets more and more popular.

And this is where you come into play. Although Pinterest doesn’t cost any money, it requires quite a bit of time. You need to create appealing pins, need to schedule them, re-pin content of other users, and looks for appropriate group boards and join them.

These tasks are fairly time-consuming but not necessarily difficult. Perfect for everyone who has a talent for nice pin designs and knows his way around Pinterest.

If you want to work as a Pinterest manager, you can head over to The Penny Hoarder and fin 10 companies that are hiring for that position.

7. Proofreading

Are you a geek when it comes to grammar and spelling? Are you super detail-oriented and meticulous? If so, proofreading might be the perfect remote job for you. This job can easily be done from home and often doesn’t require too much experience.

You can also go further and add editing services in combination with proofreading. Companies with a small budget often like to combine those two tasks. That’s a great way for you to gain more experience in both areas and eventually become an expert in the one you prefer.

To learn more about how you can become a proofreader, too, head over to Angie from The Work At Home Wife and her helpful blog post.

8. Data Entry

Data Entry jobs are often not the most exciting ones. However, they can easily be done from home, mostly at a flexible schedule, and don’t require too much experience.

You definitely have to be able to type super-fast without errors and be very detail-oriented. You also need to have great eyes and be able to keep your concentration up because often this job involves staring at infinite Excel spreadsheets or complex databases.

Check out these companies if you are looking for open data entry positions:

9. Content Moderation

Yes, content moderation is another great entry-level remote job. I must know, it was one of the first work-from-home jobs I had. And I had absolutely zero experience or knowledge. That’s the good thing: Everyone can do this (of course, there are a few specific positions out there, too, but most of them aren’t).

Just in case you are not sure what your tasks would be: You basically go through forums, social media pages or groups, or customer reviews on Amazon and such, and ensure that they conform with the guidelines of each portal.

For example, you will approve comments before they are published, delete inappropriate statements or block spammers, or clean product reviews of personal information, such as email addresses or names.

Again, this is a job for everyone who is detailed-oriented, has a good eye and is fast enough to work through the content in the given time.

If you are interested in becoming a content moderator, check out these companies:

10. Transcription

Work from home jobs entry-levelCan you type very fast and have a good ear? Then the role of a transcriber might be the right one for you.

You will sometimes get videos, but mostly audio records, have to listen to them and write down the content. While this sounds fairly easy, it often depends on the quality of the record or the accent of the speaker and how quickly you can work through it.

For many general topics, you won’t need to have any special knowledge or experience. But in areas like medical or legal transcriptions, you definitely need to have relevant education due to the technical terms.

The following companies offer transcription jobs on a regular basis:


Start Your New Career – From Home

As you can see, there are quite a few very interesting entry-level remote jobs out there. They are perfect for everyone who is looking for a new challenge and wants to change their career. You don’t need to have any specific skills or experiences to apply for these jobs. Many companies let you work from home and give you plenty of flexibility with your working hours.

I hope these job ideas gave you some inspiration and a better understanding of what kind of online job you could do.

Do you have any other examples of entry-level work-from-home jobs? Let me know in the comments below!


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