25 Smart Ideas To Make Money With Your Smartphone

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Do you use your smartphone a lot every single day? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to make money as you do this?

What most people do not know is that there are actually many different ways in which you can make money with a smartphone that is connected to the internet. Below you will find a long list of options available right now. Obviously, new ones can always appear but right now, here are some quick and smart ways to make money with just your smartphone.

Micro Tasks

One of the easiest ways to make money with your smartphone is to perform microtasks. You can basically do them while you commute to work or when you wait for your order at a fast-food restaurant. In most cases, a task takes under 15 minutes.

Some options to consider:


Make Money with your SmartphoneMost of the tasks presented are easily done in 5 minutes or less. Swagbucks gives access to options to make some quick cash for watching videos, doing daily surveys, and even playing games. You are also paid when you use Swagbucks to search the internet, which is why many say tasks do not even feel as if they are a job.

Points are received when a task is completed. Then, points can be redeemed for gift cards or cash (sent through PayPal). You even get a sign-up bonus of $5 when your account is created.


Make Money with your SmartphoneInboxDollars is currently the biggest competitor Swagbucks has. You can make money in various ways, like taking surveys, watching videos, or reading emails. The only real difference between the two is that with InboxDollars you make a little less and you cannot redeem earned points for gift cards.

Cash Crate

Make Money with your SmartphoneCash Crate is a fun way to make money with your smartphone. You do get money for surveys that are completed but it is also possible to earn points (redeemable for cash) when you refer a friend or when you play some online games. You practically kill the time with a game and get paid for it. Some unique money-earning options available with Cash Crate include interacting with your fellow members and shopping.

Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk)

Make Money with your SmartphoneAmazon Mechanical Turk is best suited for desktops and tablets but there are jobs (called HITs) that you can do with the use of a smartphone. You have to figure out what you can do with the phone and what you can not. Some of the most popular options include entering data you get after looking at some images and surveys.


Paid surveys are a great way to make some quick cash. There are numerous Fortune 500 companies, product developers, and even retailers that want to hear your opinion about various services and products. Some of the options available for smartphone users are:

Survey Junkie

Make Money with your SmartphoneIf you just have free time to do some surveys, Survey Junkie is one of the best options available right now. It mainly focuses on research done to shape designs for new products but various topics are covered. Points are received for every single survey. They are redeemable for gift cards and cash.

Panel PayDay

Make Money with your SmartphoneWhen you use Panel PayDay you are able to perform mystery shopping jobs and participate in paid survey panels. You can earn up to $75 for one survey. From time to time, you are also asked to participate in discussion groups and focus groups.

The biggest earner possibility is the mini-job. There are some that pay $150, which is much more than anticipated. As a new user, you get a $25 bonus for the first survey you take.

Opinion Outpost

Make Money with your SmartphoneWith Opinion Outpost you can earn gift cards or cash as you take surveys. When you complete a survey you are also entered into a quarterly prize drawing worth $10,000. Surveys cover a variety of topics, ranging from what brands you buy to what you believe in. Variety is particularly high so you will not get bored as you participate in surveys.

Watch TV Shows And News Clips

When you often commute and have a lot of downtime, there is a good possibility you find yourself browsing social media or YouTube so you can watch something. The apps below allow you to make money as you do this. You will not make a lot but you can kill time, be entertained, and still get some cash. The perfect way to make passive income!


Make Money with your SmartphoneViggle will give you one point for every minute in which you use your smartphone to watch one of your loved TV shows. It is even possible that you will find some new ones that you will love. There are shows that give you bonus points. After you gather enough points, you can redeem them for prepaid debit cards, prizes, and gift cards.

An interesting part of Viggle is that you do not necessarily need to watch the TV show as it is life. It can be streamed on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon. Join and see if there are shows you already watch. It might be a good idea to watch them on your smartphone to make some extra cash.


Make Money with your SmartphoneViggle’s sister site, Perk.tv, is similar but you earn points as you watch movie trailers and news clips. This is better suited for those that are not interested in watching full TV show episodes. The focus of Viggle is put on television shows that are syndicated. Points can be pooled between Viggle and Perk in order to earn rewards faster.


Make Money with your SmartphoneIt is possible to get paid as you watch app trailers and videos with your smartphone. AppTrailer allows you to do this and rewards you with either PayPal cash or digital gift cards. If you manage to refer a friend, bonus points are given for every single video that the friend watches. AppTrailer is much more popular than many believe, with users actually watching millions of videos every single day.

Shopping And Cash Backs

Making money shopping is not a new thing since there are numerous sites that offer discounts for frequent shoppers and you can take advantage of many promotions. However, using the smartphone in order to take advantage of cashback deals is a relatively new concept. Fortunately, there are some great opportunities available for you right now, including the highly popular ones mentioned below.


Make Money with your SmartphoneEbates is a highly-appreciated app that allows you to get up to 40 percent cash back on numerous online purchases. You can use Ebates on your computer but through the app, you get access to extra bonus cash back options for some select retailers.

Every single calendar quarter you receive a check with your cashback. Alternatively, you can be paid through a gift card or a direct payment to your PayPal account. A bonus of $10 is offered when you use Ebates to spend your first $25. While cashback options do vary from retailer to retailer, amounts do add up, and your savings increase.


Make Money with your SmartphoneThis is another wonderful mobile app that allows you to earn cashback as you visit grocery stores. Before checking out, you activate the offers that are present inside the app. Ibotta is really interesting when you often go grocery shopping since deals are available at almost all grocery stores. You also get access to specific discounts at well-known hypermarkets like Target and Walmart.

2 cashback offers are available for you:

  • A cashback when you buy from a specific brand, like a 6 pack of Heineken.
  • A cashback when you buy a type of product, like bread, without the brand counting.

Payments are offered as gift cards or through Venmo and PayPal.


Make Money with your SmartphoneParibus makes it really simple to make some money while you shop and use your smartphone. You link your Amazon account or email address to the system. Then, as soon as a price drop is identified, you receive a refund. Cashback is now offered at over thirty large online stores.

Price protection claims can be filed by you, thus giving access to a cashback of the value of the price difference. Most people do not know that this possibility exists but you can actually get refunds when prices drop and you paid more for a service or product. Paribus makes this possible.


Make Money with your SmartphoneWith Shopkick you do not necessarily need to buy something in order to earn points that would then be redeemed. You just have to download the app and then enable the location services. Points are automatically earned as you walk into specific stores. Then, if you scan product barcodes, you get more money. You can make even more if you actually spend money but this is not necessary. You can even receive free gift cards as you walk out of your home.

National Consumer Panel

Make Money with your SmartphoneWith National Consumer Panel you just need to spend one hour per week with this app to gain prizes, gift cards, and cash. The idea is that you share the weekly shopping activity. In order to be paid, you have to scan product receipts. Then, you share the purchase price and where the purchase took place. With every single scan, you will earn redeemable points. Also, your payout will increase as you remain active. Just share your shopping history every single week and you receive a bonus.

Use Search Engines

Using your search engine to make money was much more popular in the past but nowadays, as Google and Yahoo dominate the market, this is no longer the case. Even so, there is still a good app that can be recommended, one that allows you to still use search engines like Google and Yahoo while you make money.


Make Money with your SmartphoneDo you often use your smartphone to search the internet? If so, Qmee is an app you want to use. It will just show some extra results next to the regular search engine results you are used to seeing. A great thing about Qmee is that you can use the search engine that you prefer, thus not negatively affecting your experience. Points are used as you search for something. The points can then be redeemed to cash (paid through PayPal). Extra points are available as you perform micro-tasks like taking a daily survey, redeeming a digital coupon, and watching videos.

Listen To Music

Music is becoming cheaper and cheaper so you cannot expect to get a cashback when you buy a song or a music album. What you can do is enjoy some new music. Companies that want to learn about what people like and do not like pay you to rate new music. This allows them to figure out what might become a hit and what will most likely flop.

Music Xray

Make Money with your SmartphoneThose that enjoy listening to music, especially new music, should consider Music Xray. The app pays you to listen to new music and then give a rating. You have to list your favorite bands as you apply for an account. After that, Music Xray will recommend similar bands and songs. By doing this, the music that you discover is most likely something that you will love.

Selling Online

There is always something in your home that can be sold to make some extra cash. This is usually considered when bills are too high and need to be paid. Nowadays, it is possible to sell practically anything online. This includes selling with your smartphone. A couple of apps you may want to consider are:


Make Money with your SmartphoneBookscouter became popular as this is where you can sell your used textbooks and actually get a good price. The process is simple. You first scan the barcode of the book. Afterward, you receive buyback prices offered by over 40 vendors. Scan every single book and then select the desired vendor. Prepaid shipping is usually available. As the book reaches the vendor, you receive a PayPal payment in under 48 hours.

Parking Panda

Make Money with your SmartphoneDo you own a parking spot? If so, Parking Panda allows you to rent it to tourists. In the event that you own a spot that is highly coveted, you can make quite a lot of money. This is indeed a unique way to take advantage of your parking space.


SecondSpin is specialized in used games and movies so if you have such items to sell, you will most likely get the best price. At the same time, you can sell any used DVD or CD. Although there is no app to use, your smartphone can be used to access the site with a browser.


Make Money with your SmartphoneFoap is among the few smartphone apps that allow you to sell your pictures online. This includes the photos you take with the smartphone’s camera. If a company purchases a photo from you, payment is offered. You will be surprised to learn that many companies use Foap so there is a good possibility you will be able to sell photographs, especially if you take many as you travel or walk around the city.

Other Money-Making Apps

You use apps for various different things, from looking at maps to reading news. Nowadays, there are apps designed for practically anything you want so why not also use some that allow you to make some money?


Make Money with your SmartphoneAs you sign up, you get a bonus of $5. Then, you are paid to be a mystery shopper. You are told what shop to go to and what is expected from you. After you do this, you leave feedback. Jobs2Shop also allows you to make money playing games, redeeming digital coupons, shopping online, and with mobile surveys.


Make Money with your SmartphoneIf you have an Android smartphone, Slidejoy allows you to make money every single time the phone is unlocked. This is possible as a video or ad will be displayed on the lock screen. You can choose to explore further or just go to your home screen. Slidejoy states that an average user spends around 10 minutes per day using the app. This is not at all difficult to do. However, sometimes payments are low since they are based on what is available and other factors you do not control. Many users report making just a few cents per day but the amounts do pile up in time and you unlock your phone every single day anyway so there is no reason why not to use something like this.

Nielson Digital Voice

Make Money with your SmartphoneWith Nielson Digital Voice, points are earned as you use the smartphone, no matter what you do with it. This is due to the fact that the app will record how the phone is used. Actions like sending text messages, checking social networks, making calls, and interacting with apps are recorded. Your personal data will not be recorded. Cash prizes are earned in the background as the smartphone is used to do anything.


Make Money with your SmartphoneAppNana gives you cash for downloading and testing new apps. There are new apps that constantly launch so if you are among the very first testers, you can make money. You might even discover an app you will love before it becomes popular. For every single test, you get points that can be redeemed for game downloads and gift cards.

Bonus Tip

Have you ever considered investing money? You don’t need to be super-rich to do so. Head over to Dollarsprout and find the Best Investing Apps for Beginners!

Making Money with Your Smartphone The Right Way

As you can see, there are many options available for those that want to use their smartphone to make money. Although there are no high possibilities that you will get rich, the amounts that you can make can easily pile up. This is especially the case in the event that you qualify for some of the better-paid surveys.

Choose those money-making options that are appropriate for you, based on how you use the device. As you can see, you can even make money when you unlock the phone, which is an action you perform several times every single day.

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